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Energy storage capacitors, thin film capacitors

Capacitor according to the different of the medium can be divided into many types: film capacitor, electrolytic capacitors, ceramic capacitors, paper condenser, etc., among these capacitors, most of the film capacitor and the electrolyte capacitor is often used in audio equipment. Electrolytic capacitors are used mostly in areas that require large amounts of electricity, and thinfilm capacitors are used for analog signals. The electrodes of the thinfilm capacitor are metal foil, which is rolled into a cylindrical capacitor after overlapping with the metal foil and the plastic film, and then the properties of the film capacitor are described

Thinfilm capacitors have many excellent properties: nonpolar, high insulation resistance, excellent frequency characteristics (wide frequency response), and small loss of medium. Based on the above advantages, thinfilm capacitors are used in a large number of analog circuits. Especially in the part of the signal interconnection, it must be used in a good frequency, the capacitor with very low dielectric loss, to ensure that the signal is transmitted without too much distortion. In all the plastic film capacitors, the properties of polypropylene (PP) capacitance and polystyrene (PS) capacitors are significant, of course, the price of these two kinds of capacitor is high. However, in recent years, in order to improve the quality of sound, the parts and materials used are more and more advanced, and the price is not an important consideration.

Also known as Metallized Film capacitors Film (Metallized Film), the method is in plastic Film in vacuum evaporation of a very thin layer of metal as electrode. This saves the thickness of the electrode foil and reduces the volume of capacitors, so it is easier to make a small, voluminable capacitor. , for example, is common MKP Capacitor, metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor (Metailized Polypropylene Film Capacitor) therefore, while the MKT is metallized poly (ethyl ester capacitance (Metailized Polyester) of appellation.


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